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sexy Allie Rose

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sexy 18 y.o. adult model Allie Rose poses for us in dress, in athletic tights and nude in shower. See ~300 pics and 3GB of Allie HD videos at FTV Girls. Few more her pics at is here.

2 Responses:
  1. Pretty body, pretty eyes and pretty pussy.

  2. my lovely Allie. I was so happy to find all your pcs. from Little Mutt and FTV. You look so kind, and! so natural what is rare enough in the porn scene. What a pitty that
    we never could meet. I live in Germany and you in US. My wish is to find one pics wit your unshaved pu… I love your brown bush in my imagination, but your lovely face in some Mutt series will replace my wishes. Would know what you are doing apart of photo-shooting. I suppose you have retired and you have a family now. I envy your husband!!!
    I´ll make a copy from your face and han it on the wall in my house.
    with love

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