The sexiest hotties and models of this decade

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There is a lot of new girls in modeling every year, but we would like to show you the most remarkable ones that appeared online for the last several years. Internet gives option anyone to succeed. Many girls are spotted through Instagram social network after they gain few million followers. This media is often used by modeling agencies to look for new faces. Even though this network doesn’t allow nudity, you can find many semi-naked photos. There are some sites that are trying to spot these new girls including legendary hotties like Many of these found girls will become celebrities like Anastasiya Kvitko. For example this babe shoots almost nude pics showing her extremely sexy round curves. We found that today is the biggest advantage to have big and round ass. That’s also reason why you see so much babes to promote fitness products and picturing themselves in the gym doing squads. Now let’s check some hotties you are looking for.

1. Anastasiya Kvitko – Russian model who was refused by many modeling agencies. They told her that she isn’t that skinny they need. Anastasiya refused this statements and tried to succeed by herself. Now she has several million fans and make huge money just by sponsored posts. She is known for her booty and huge boobs. She said that she has no implants.

2. Mia Khalifa – Mia is pornstar who did this job for just 3 months. It was enough to earn fame not only as adult model. There was an accident when she was accused by muslims as her actions (filmed sex) is against their culture. Her parents distanced from her because of that. Now Mia quit in porn and started her career in sports TV show. She has boobs implants that earned her the glory she wanted. Khalifa is also extremely sexy – long brown hair, piercing brown eyes, perfect round ass.

3. Claudia Alende – She is a Miss BumBum contestant. This competition is for brazilian girls with big ass. She was second in 2014. Then she started to be active on social networks as other hotties. You can’t find her nude pics, but you can find many sexy photos that will show you her remarkable hot curves. She ain’t celebrity yet as Kvitko for example, but her career can reach such point.

We believe that you shouldn’t miss especially these three babes. There is a lot of other girls who can compete with them, but these has just more than hot body. You search for such girls on Instagram by yourself, but don’t expect to see any naked pics there as it is forbidden. You can find the most nude photos on we stated above. It’s the best sources for this stuff.

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