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NSA sex, no-strings, fuck meets or swinging are all closely related terms in the liberated lifestyle. For some people the idea of sex with anyone other than their partner in a monogamous relationship is a definite no-no. But for others, the thrill of new sexual partners is hard to resist.

Swinging is defined as "Sexually liberated or promiscuous" and that pretty much sums it up perfectly. The thing is, is that a bad thing? modern society norms dictate that we should keep sex behind closed doors and in private. We don’t think this is healthy.

Let me explain, I’ve been swinging for probably 10 years or more now and have made friends for life in this game. Truly some wonderful people who spend time together socially in a really open way. Granted, the most talked about subject is always sex but then that goes back to the word in the definition "promiscuous".

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Relationship sex is a wonderful thing and thoroughly enjoyable, but so is recreational sex. If we could all separate the two and treat swinging as recreational time, I think the world would be a better place. Some of the most solid couples I’ve ever met have been totally and utterly devoted to each other, enjoying a complete and fulfilling sex life. BUT, they’ve also enjoyed some of the exciting variety that swinging provides. Quite often a guy will watch his missus having sex with another man and get greatly aroused by that, seeing that he feels empowered that his partner is going home with him afterwards. Its greatly bonding and empowering, and swinging provides that. They often go home and have more great sex on the back of that encounter too!

The best place to get started in swinging, whether you’re a single or as part of a couple, is at a NSA hookup website like swinging.zone. Its one of our favourites and has a higher proportion of genuine folks looking for a great time.

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