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Banana Brandy with big brown eyes

Posted in Banana Brandy | 54,351 views

Young bikini girl looks at you with her big innocent eyes and takes her clothes off. See more of Banana Brandy (Bonita) at Karup’s PC.

6 Responses:
  1. face is attractive but breast is not prominent and vagina is not appearing as one can admired precisely

  2. improve ur boobs. so beautiful face.

  3. I like this…

  4. Face is so cute bat all bodi nat good bat i like your eyes

  5. lovely ,sexy,,good sexy figer

  6. Her eyes are very warm, inviting, compassionate, innocent.
    Cute button nose, facial structure excellent, hair excellent. Eyebrows need some help, hairstyle needs help. Lips are full, but not kissable, and she needs to smile and express more emotion in her face that reflects the position of her body. Tits despite being a little small have good round shape, perky no sag, and nipples are a little big, but not by much, they are acceptable tits on a petite woman. Overall body is a little skinny, and lacks much muscle, suggesting lack of adequate exercise, and gives impression of laziness. One can nor imagine her participating in any sport seriously, nor even running, or breaking a sweat. Skin colour is very fair, and reinforces assumptions made about exercise. She might look sexy with some very dramatic tan lines. Pussy – does she have one? Gives inoression of being frigid and not interested in anything of sexual nature. Ass: has potential, but again shows lack of physical activity. However, shape and size are okay. The right physical exercises could be the thing she needs most. Lose some of that baby fat, especially in face and around stomach, hips, thighs.. Tone entire body with just a little lean muscle, especially in upper arms, lower legs, belly, and back. Arch of lower back looks very rigid and inflexible. Yoga might improve flexibity, a quality of youth and health. Overall, she would be best featured as a cock tease, specializing in handjobs and blowjobs. Or rough anal sex. Maybe young lesbian… I’d still fuck her, but I doubt she is any good as she lacks muscles required to ride. She’d be a small bouncer at best, painful as she bends my cock by not holding her own weight up enough. Overall best feature(s) is her face and eyes.

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