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Best Asian Quotes About Love and Marriage

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Best Asian Quotes About Love and Marriage

These magnificent Asian quotes about love for a man and a woman express accumulated feelings. They show how to behave when we are in a relationship or apart at a distance. With these quotes about love and life, we dissolve in the illusory world of our dreams. When love doesn’t come for a long time, it seems that this feeling doesn’t exist at all and everything around is an illusion, a mixture of passion with friendship and habit. But when you read quotes about love and marriage, you again begin to believe in this great feeling that can heal, inspire hope and turn every day into a holiday. After all, those to whom these beautiful lines belong probably loved for real. Here are the Asian quotes on one of the most important topics – love.

But before you start reading, take a look at these winter date ideas to warm up your relationship.

· Generosity is one of the forms of manifestation of love, which should be developed in yourself and trained all the time.

· Love is a basic human need. Everything that people do in life, except that aimed at physical survival, they do for love.

· Matrimony is a continuous study, and you will have to constantly keep the exam in real time.

· Besides love, all reasons for creating a family are based on fear.

· Both men and women strive to love and wait for love, but they speak about it in different languages.

· Love never requires anything; it always gives.

· I know that nothing is impossible for pure love.

· Love based on the kindness of those you love is not true love but a self-serving deal; true love doesn’t require reciprocity.

· Love is the greatest power in the world.

· A wife is not a slave or servant of a husband, she is his companion and assistant, an equal partner in all his joys and sorrows. She, like her husband, is free to choose her own path in life.

· Spiritual relationships are much more valuable and important than physical relationships. Physical relationships outside the spiritual are the same as a body devoid of soul.

· The only qualities worthy of marriage are mutual love and harmony.

· Love is a butterfly that flies away when it wants. It cannot be held in chains.

· Respect can hide the empty place where love should be.

· In one minute of love, you learn more about a person than in a month of observation.

· What we experience when we are in love may be our normal state. Love tells people what they should be like.

· Love is a vessel containing both reliability and adventure.

· We expect an incredible experience from love that will allow us to rise above the routine of everyday life.

· Love is born within us and is a product of imagination, a creative act designed to satisfy our deepest aspirations, desires and old dreams; it helps us change and transform.

· In an effort to control the risks associated with unrestrained passion, you slowly kill this passion. So the boredom of modern marriage is born.

· Reality is so changeable that you need to have a fair amount of self-confidence to consider the relationship absolutely strong.

· By loving others, you recover them. Loving yourself, you recover yourself, your hopes and dreams.

· Love gives hope. Hope offers an opportunity. And the opportunity creates the conditions for success.

· To love is to live passionately and purposefully.

· Neither a plan, nor strategy, nor money can replace what kindness and attraction give. Love changes everything around. Nothing can radically change the situation like love.

· The more you love, the more you succeed. There is nothing to be done about it. By loving, you change your future opportunities in spite of fear and pain

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