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4 Types of Scam on Dating Sites

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Scam on Dating Sites

The main goal of scammers is to make you fall in love with them. Thus, they make you malleable like dough and use to their benefit. It doesn’t matter who acts as a fraudster, a man or a woman.
Therefore, especially at the initial stage, it is worth taking off the rose-colored glasses and seriously assessing the interlocutor. To do this, you need to know how scammers act on dating sites. On the Internet, you can still run into scammers who can cheat, steal, cause moral, physical, or financial harm. And it is important to be able to protect yourself from such communication.

Different Types of Scam on Dating Sites

Usually, scammers choose lonely people who want to believe in a fairytale about mutual love. A scammer can recognize such a person by the “mask of the victim,” a sad look on one’s face or a gloomy half-smile. And if you have never run into romancecompass scam, this doesn’t mean that you will not face it on some other sites since not all sites give the same degree of commitment to their work.

Petty crooks

They can act using both male and female profiles. A male scammer creates a perfect profile and has a girl wrapped around his finger. They can also use female profiles and catfish other men. Their main difference is that they trick out of one’s small amounts of money. Usually, their catch does not exceed 50$. The pretext may be “urgent need for medication,” “lack of food,” and so on. One of the main signs of a scammer is that they will never make direct contact by phone or video and will avoid providing additional info about themselves as well as photos.

Fakes, bots, spammers

Usually, it is about an outwardly attractive profile with tempting photos and a hint on open relationships. A possible scenario: in the process of communication, you can get links to viruses, advertising materials, or sites, and a scammer will get a certain amount of money for your visit.

High-stakes fraudsters

This is one of the most dangerous types of scammers, who are often called marital swindlers. Their main principle is to gain your trust. For this “game,” male scammers try to choose girls over 30 years old and deluge them with ardent confessions and compliments, thereby making them fall in love. Female scammers also choose older and richer victims. In the process of communication, fraudsters find out the address and other personal data of the victim and begin to make plans for the rip-off. As soon as the victim is hooked – they begin to act. Scammers are experienced psychologists that know how to put pressure. They can attract both a lonely woman, obviously suffering from a lack of male attention and a single man in love. There are many scenarios for the development of communication. Such people do not have morality. As a rule, after making the money transfer, all the relations with a scammer suddenly break down, and they stop communicating. One shouldn’t forget that there may be a girl under the male profile and vice versa.


The victims of such scammers are married men and women (or people who are in relationships) who are looking for lovers. Such scammers gather incriminating information for further blackmail. To collect information about the victim, the scammer finds out whether the interlocutor is married, their surname, place of residence, year of birth and asks to send some ordinary photos. According to the collected data, they start a search in a social network where all the information is in full view. Also, a scammer can use the image search service in Google, for example, and analyze everything. Quite often, the victim becomes literally a “cash cow” for a scammer and has to pay again and again. There is only one way out in this situation – one should turn to law enforcement authorities.

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