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Reasons Why Video Chat Dating Is Untapped Potential for You

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Not many people take online dating seriously. In recent years, that has changed somewhat due to the overwhelming popularity of Tinder and other similar apps, but there’s still a very negative stigma around online dating. In this article, we’re going to talk about video chat dating specifically.
The very first thing that you need to do is to find a suitable website. There are basically two ways to go about it. The first one is good ol’ spray-and-pray, i.e. you’ll have to visit popular ANONYMOUS video chats in hopes of meeting someone for romance. It’s numbers game, but the chances are you’re going to see some dudes whipping out their junk.
The second method is much better, in our opinion. You find a reputable single women video chat site and work your way up from there. Many of these websites feature Ukrainian and Russian women, now that’s a perfect scenario for you. If you ever find one that has both a) good reputation b) plenty of Slavic chicks – do not think twice, just jump on that opportunity immediately.
So, after you find the right website, it’s pretty much all up to you. You get unrestricted access to beautiful women that are either too busy or too shy to go out. Or maybe, as we mentioned before, they live in some oppressive country such as Russia or Ukraine.
You can now really let your personality shine through. You are guaranteed to attract women if you stay true to yourself (don’t overdo it, nobody likes a try-hard).
Let’s talk about the advantages of video chat dating:
#1. You get to really know the person before meeting them.
It’s the best way to weed out the people that are simply not worth your time/effort/money. Someone can appear sane and well-adjusted on the first date, but on later you’re going to open up a can worms that you wish you’d opened before you met. Think about that.
#2. Perfect for introverts
There are many shy women there and it’s also a great option if you’re also shy or introverted. There’s less pressure and there’s more freedom to just be yourself.
#3. Finding someone different
This mostly concerns video chat sites that feature Eastern European women, though. They are inherently different due to, you know, being from another country. Talking to (and romancing) people from a different culture is such an eye-opening experience, that we suggest that you try at least once.

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