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Seven Key Facts Women Can Use To Hook Up Online

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If you have been trying your hardest at online dating sites like the quality hook up site HookupOnline to find an online hook up, you know full well that it can be a zoo out there. You just get tons of different characters and, at the end of the day, you still end up alone. It’s just too easy to play the online dating game the wrong way and end up frustrated.

The good news is that your quest for online companionship or love doesn’t have to end in disappointment. Indeed, there are seven facts you can use to your advantage which can boost your chances of finding and dating somebody attractive and deserving of you.

Fact 1: For women, online dating is a buyer’s market

I know it is easy for you to feel overwhelmed by online dating. There seems to be a ton of other women looking for dates and your profile seem lost in the shuffle. It is too easy to feel that you’re not making much of an impression on the guys of a dating site since, it seems, tons of females are joining every single day. You might think your profile has fallen between the cracks because you’re getting fewer notices from guys.

The fact is there are always more guys than women online. This is a statistical fact. If you think you’re being overlooked, multiply that feeling by a million times and you’ll come close to understanding how a typical guy who joins an online dating site feels like. From a ratio perspective, there are simply way more guys than gals at a typical site. We’re talking at least a ratio of 3 to 1 (and that’s being very kind).

Use the fact that there is a huge imbalance between guys and gals at the dating site you’ve joined by holding out for quality guys. Don’t just talk to any random guy. If they don’t meet your standards, don’t bother with them. There will be more guys to take their place.

Fact 2: Guys will give you the information you need so you can notice them

Never be afraid to ask guys for information you need to compare to other guys or size them up. Don’t think that some information is simply ‘too personal.’ Hey, if it is important to you then it is worth asking about.

The good news is that most guys won’t have a problem giving you the information you need to make an informed decision. You need as much info as you can get your hands on because, with so many guys wanting to get your attention, finding guys you would like to communicate further with can become very confusing and distracting.

For every guy who rejects your request, there will be tons of other guys happily taking you on.

Fact 3: You are always in control of the communication flow

Since there are so many guys trying to hook up, trying to get the attention of a relatively few women at your typical dating site, women are in control of the communication flow. Put simply, this means they call the shots regarding how often and how intensively they communicate with guys.

Don’t allow guys to put pressure on you to respond a certain way or by a certain time. Most guys can appreciate that you have your own schedule and timeline and would be glad to work with your schedule. You can skip pushy guys who demand to be responded to as soon as possible. There are far too many more accommodating guys for you to worry about demanding dudes.

Fact 4: You don’t have to pick any guy if you don’t want to

At the end of the process, if you don’t find any princes in that online hookup barrel full of frogs, you don’t have to lower your standards. That’s right-you don’t have to feel that your back is against the wall and you better ‘pick someone’ to get your ‘money’s worth.’


No need to act out of desperation. The fact remains that there are so many guys compared to the few women at your typical dating site that you have the luxury of waiting until someone better comes along. Picking someone out of desperation is not fair to that person and it definitely isn’t fair to you.

Fact 5: Social proof on online dating sites don’t count for much

Don’t be fooled by ‘popular’ guys at a dating site. These guys may have gotten a higher profile for a variety of reasons but just because they are popular shouldn’t sway you to pick them. If your gut tells you they are a bad fit, they are a bad fit. No amount of social popularity or ‘top ranking’ would make them a good fit.

Fact 6: Most people aren’t that photogenic

If you noticed that a lot of the guys contacting you don’t look all that good, you need to wrap your mind around the fact that most people aren’t very photogenic. Sure, some of those guys simply look bad and are unattractive. However, enough of them are simply not photogenic.

To use this fact to your advantage, insist on other photos and different photo sets taken in different settings. Even if someone isn’t very photogenic, they should have at least one picture that can give you a good idea of what they truly look like.

You’d be surprised as to the gems you can find by insisting on more pictures.

Fact 7: People are adorable precisely because they are imperfect

Too many women approach online dating in a totally unrealistic way which guarantees their loneliness. How? They expect perfection. They expect guys who are flawless not just in terms of having great teeth, impeccable and an oh-so-hip fashion sense but also in terms of personality.

If this is how you’re playing the online hookup game, you’re playing the game to lose. You have to remember that what makes people worth knowing and getting intimate with is not how close they get to an ideal. In fact, it is their flaws, shortcomings, and other features that make them oh-so-human. You can relate to their shortcomings and these are what can make them charming in your eyes.

Keep the seven key facts above in mind when looking for a hook up online. Using these facts in your favor can help turn your fortunes around in your search for the right guys.

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